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Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart, With The Latest Ultrasonic Dog Training tool - BarxBuddy

It’s impossible to live with a constantly barking dog that is on the verge of driving you mad.

Studies have shown that being frustrated with your dog or using negative conditioning actually creates an even more stressed and potentially dangerous dog.

BarxBuddy has solved that problem. By producing a special ultrasonic sound only audible to dogs you can instantly command your dog's attention and train away any bad habit.

Professional Tool

Used by police and military handlers

Stops Any Behaviour

With the press of a button

3 Steps

Train, Treat, Repeat


100% Humane

The Easiest Way To Train A Dog

Whether you’re trying to stop obsessive barking, digging, jumping, or win an agility competition or simply want to have an obedient and happy dog.

BarxBuddy is the easiest, most consistent and fastest way to get there.

There’s a reason why handlers of some of the most highly-trained and disciplined dogs in the world use the BarxBuddy to instantly command your dog's attention and train away bad habits.

A Compact Ultrasonic Pain-Free Device That Stops Ant Dog's Bad Behavior In Its Tracks!

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How Does Barxbuddy Work?

The science to Barxbuddy is the same used by professional dog trainers, police and military K9 handlers, and there ain’t no real “secret” to it.

It all comes down to identifying what behavior it is that you want to remove; barking, digging, jumping etc. Then disrupting that specific behaviour by distracting your dog, which provides you with a short window to program their mind with another behavior.

This is done by giving them a simple command that is easy for them to follow.

As soon as this command has been accomplished you simply reward your dog for their obedience and with a little repetition the bad behaviour is replaced by a good one.


Within 5 seconds (to increase the conditioning effect since dogs don’t have long term memory) catching your dog misbehaving, simply point the BarxBuddy toward them and press the ON button. The ultrasonic tone (only detectable to dogs) will instantly catch your dog’s attention, making them stop whatever they are doing.


After getting their attention, you can now give them a clear command like SIT, DOWN, or COME HERE.


Now reward your dog with either treats or praise! Repeat this process until your dog’s behavior is corrected and they learn what to do (and not to do). Using this method Train, Treat Repeat, with positive reinforcement gets your dog used to associating good behavior with a reward.

BarxBuddy is the safest, simplest and most effective dog training device!

We are 100% sure that you and your dog will love the BarxBuddy . It is animal-friendly and 100% cruelty and pain-free, meaning that your dog won't develop any negative stress related behaviours that are common with shock collars.

Furthermore, if you for any reason (or your dog) aren't thrilled about the BarxBuddy, you can simply return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked, no strings attached.

That's how confident we are that BarxBuddt is the last tool you’ll ever need.


BarxBuddy allows you to get a safe family friendly and obedient dog, no matter what what unwanted behaviour it is that you want to correct.


    A professional tool used by elite dog trainers!


    If you are not satisfied with your BarxBuddy, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

  • 100% SAFE

    Pain-free tool means you won't risk adding any dangerous or stressful behaviours to your dog.

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